Rules and Regulations



The Rules and Regulations including, but not limited to, those listed hereafter are published in the interest of safe, clean, respectful and enjoyable boating, and in an effort to have an informed membership. Regulations are published for the benefit of all. The key to a successful Marina is mutual respect.

  1. These Rules and Regulations apply to all boaters -­‐ leaseholders (members), seasonal renters, sub lessees, transient/visiting boaters, those using the launch facilities, others.
  2. The Marina Manager on behalf of the Board of Directors has complete authority as to where and how boats are assigned to berths in the marina. The berth size assigned is that defined in the lease or in a berth size upgrade. Some boats may not be permitted in the marina due to certain circumstances, e.g. length, draft etc. The decision to admit any boat in the Marina is entirely the Manager’s. The Manager may request on certain occasions that boats be moved or rafted.
  3. Before putting a boat in the Marina, the boater shall complete the Membership and Berth Rental Application, Marina Lease Agreement form, Waiver of Liability form and provide proof (“certificate of insurance”) of insurance coverage of a minimum of $1,000,000.00 for public liability and property damage. All fees associated with membership, berthage, ramp fees, electrical, travel lift or other associated BEYC fees are to be paid in full prior to usage by the boater.
  4. No sublets are permitted. Members are permitted to enter into a retention agreement enabling them to retain their berth while marina management leases the space for the current year to a third party. The slip lease assignment is for the boat. As such the boats location occasionally may need to be changed. This decision is at the discretion of marina management. If an owner has a second boat, only one boat at a time may occupy the leased slip space.
  5. When a vessel enters the Marina basin, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the Marina and shall be berthed only when permitted and maneuvered as directed by the manager or delegated staff. Vessels entering the marina under emergency circumstances must report their emergency immediately via (VHF -­‐16 or 68) or phone.
  6. The Manager has the exclusive right to rent vacant berths on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis, depending upon availability, in accordance with the fee schedule set by the Board of Directors. Therefore, boaters who will not be occupying their berth for one day or more must notify the manager of the specific dates of absence and contact marina management 12 hours prior to their return.
  7. On the last day of a daily rental, boats must vacate assigned berth by 2 PM. Boaters who have outstanding daily rental charges will not be permitted further berth rentals. The daily rental waiting list shall be followed in offering daily rental space. Boaters are responsible for ensuring that they can be contacted promptly.
  8. Daylight rental of 6 hours or less is available for a $10.00 dollar fee. A visiting boater who has a special need to rent a berth temporarily or to use an available berth for more than six 6 hours, must make specific application to the Manager giving details. Visiting boaters using a berth more than 6 hours will be charged the regular daily berth fee and must vacate the berth by 6 PM.
  9. All boats shall be secured in their berths in a manner acceptable to the Marina staff, if not the Marina will adequately secure the boat and assess a service fee. (For example, badly chafed dock lines will be replaced by the Marina and the boaters charged accordingly.)

    The following is prohibited in the Marina
  1. The unauthorized discharge of firearms, fireworks, or flares on Ben Eoin Marina property, including the waters adjacent to the property and the lands of the Ben Eoin Marina.
  2. Obstructions (such as dock lines, electrical cords, water hoses, tenders, bowsprits, bow pulpits, anchors) across the main docks/fingers which impede passage or create a falling hazard.
  3. Alcohol: No alcohol is permitted off any vessel-­‐ this includes docks, wharfs and marina grounds.
  4. Excessive noise. Boaters shall use discretion in the operation of engines, generators, radios, televisions, etc., so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. Quiet time is 11 PM to 7 AM.
  5. Boaters are responsible to prevent “halyard slapping” or any similar repetitive banging of ropes or lines from occurring on their boats.
  6. Marina staff will notify the owner of this issue and if ongoing corrective action is required by marina staff to prevent “halyard slapping” an appropriate fee will be charged.
  7. Boaters launching or retrieving their boats at the launch ramp, and visitors in the launch ramp area, must exercise consideration for others regarding engine noise, engine exhaust, and abusive language.
  8. No generators are to be run while in the marina.
  9. No leaving carts on the docks—carts must be returned to land immediately after use.
  10. Advertising or soliciting in any part of the Marina.
  11. Swimming, diving or fishing within the Marina basin.
  12. Running or horseplay in or around the wharf area, the parking lots, marina buildings or on the docks.
  13. No fueling of vessels in the Marina except at approved fuel dock by Marina staff.
  14. Routine maintenance on boats may be carried out in the Marina. However, any maintenance that in    any way affects other boaters may not. Check with the Marina manager regarding types of maintenance. Typically unacceptable would be using tools like sanders, grinders; scuba diving for repairs must be approved etc. All other repairs must be carried out in the appropriate area-­‐ check with marina staff.
  15. Any collision with, or damage to any boat is to be reported to the Marina Manager immediately.
  16. All boaters agree to conduct themselves at all times when on the property of the Ben Eoin Marina, or any boat therein, so as not to create annoyance, hazard or nuisance to the Marina or to the other boaters. This involves observance of good housekeeping and sanitation practices and the use of appropriate garbage and recycling receptacles. The boater is responsible to see that his/her guests follow the same standard of conduct.
  17. No oil, flammable liquids, oily bilge water, sewage or other waste may be discharged in the Marina basin. If accidental spills occur, they are to be reported immediately to the Marina Manager. No overboard discharge of any food or food scraps in the marina. No holding tank or port-­‐a-­‐potty discharge is permitted in the marina. Free pump out is available at the fuel dock for the first year of operation.
  18. No addition/modification to docks or other Marina property is permitted without the explicit prior approval of the Marina Manager.
  19. Electrical shore power cords must be approved for marine use. Extension cords or jury rigged systems will be unplugged without notice to the boater.
  20. Marine propane BBQs only may be used within the marina and only aboard the owner’s boat and secured properly (no wharf BBQ’ing).
  21. Dogs are admitted to the Marina property only while “on leash” and must not run loose on the grounds, docks or other people’s boats. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to remove pet droppings immediately. If droppings are not removed by the pet owner, the Marina will do so and the pet owner will be charged $50 per incident.
  22. No unnecessary operation of inflatable’s, rafts, canoes, kayaks or dinghies inside the Marina basin or at the entrance channel shall be conducted by boaters or their guests.
  23. Young children shall be under the supervision of an adult at all times.
  24. Except in emergency situations or as approved by Marina authorities, all boats entering or leaving the Marina must NOT be under sail.
  25. Speed must not exceed 4 knots in the approaches to the marina basin. NOWAKE and DEADSLOW in the marina basin. This is common courtesy extended to boat owners to avoid stress on docking lines and prevent damage to boats and docks.
  26. Boats leaving the marina have the right of way.
  27. The Maritime “Rules of the Road” apply to all boats within the Marina basin, in fact on all Canadian waterways. See:­‐tp511-­‐onthewater-­‐431.htm
  28. No overnight parking of any type of trailer, motor home, tent trailer or tent, or other recreational vehicle is permitted on the Marina property unless approved by the Marina Manager.
  29. Members’ boat trailers and or cradles are to be stored only in designated areas and are stored solely at the owners’ risk. The marina will determine where such trailers and or cradles are to be stored. The marina will not be responsible for damage while moving a cradle or trailer. All cradles and trailers must be in a suitable condition as not to cause any potential hazard or accident to their boat or other boats in the marina.
  30. The Marina office computer is for the use of Marina employees only, there is internet access provided in the boaters lounge/café.